How to Create Videos for Recruitment Using Your Mobile Phone

Live blog post from the Mobile Recruitment Conference 2012.

Jules Watkins, videopreneur from iPhoneVideo Hero, shares his tips on creating video on your mobile. Watkins has had an extensive career making TV programmes. He now helps people make video at low cost and has created the iPhone Video Hero Course.

Starts with a top tip: when shooting video keep phone on airplane mode. Why? You get a call and it will stop the video.

He says we need to become video literate and start optimising for video – grab keywords now as it is going to carry on growing hugely.

Stat: People are 85% more likely to buy your product with a vidoe next to it (Internet Retailer), and he follows that stat with this quote . . . “Nobody wants to go for a coffee with a logo”

Shows this anti-recruitment video to make the point that there is lots of video talent out there, so tap into them.

Styles to consider

  • Do interviews
  • Showcase your talent
  • Video testimonials – they are hot, says Watkins
  • Slice of life – open curtains on your business
  • Comedy
  • Use it as a basic communication tool
  • Use it to stand out.
  • But what about cost?

Glossy videos are fine but they cut into budgets and they can be unauthentic and they end up being a standalone video not a series of videos. There is a place for the glossy video, Watkins says – C4for gloss, for example and E4 for behind the scenes video. Have a two-pronged approach.

Watkins says your smartphone is good enough for shooting video. He played a high-quality video to make the point about the quality of video produced by iphones. The issue is developing your skills.

Phones are good for videos because:

  • You own one
  • You can get started with video easily
  • Your clients own one
  • It is connected
  • Apps for easy video making

Utilise the fact you have it with you all the time. Capture moments as they happen, when people are most passionate about your organisation. Phones are less intimidating and are small for crafty filming. They have less controls – it really is point and shoot – lock focus and exposure by keeping finger on screen until it


  • Use a tripod if you can – Glif attachment for tripod or a Makayama Moviemount (for ipad)
  • For editing use iMovie phone app or Pinnacle Studio for iPad
  • Use your iphone hero grip
  • Use clip on lenses – Olloclip

Audio – bad audio will kill your video so make sure you can hear the subject of your video. Try and show where the sound is coming from but do not have the sound source too close to you.

Audio adapters – yes, you can get external :

  • Adaptor at KVC
  • Audio Technica ART 3350
  • Sony ECM-AW3


  • Softbox kit
  • Manfrotto Klyp


  • Videolicious – app that edits for you automatically
  • Android – Magisto
  • Also try out imovie templates – not a lot of people use them and they can be used to make fun videos.
  • Social Cam – 15 million users in 15 months – the Instagram for video. Great way to capture and share video through your phone. Watkins says by putting video out on the web you can start to pull people back yp
  • Action Movie FX
  • Pattern Interrupt


Make sure you shoot not to edit, so keep it simple.

  • Screenflow for Mac users – this is a simple tool for mixing screencast and video.
  • iMovie
  • Camtasia (PC)
  • Sony Vegas Movie Studio (PC)
  • Outsource your editing – $10-20 an hour – good ediyors in Eastern Europe and Phillipines (,, You can hire a video assistant to produce your videos.

YouTube tips

Share your videos from your device

Title and keywords are everything – use Google’s keyword search tool to see what is popular but go for long-tail terms that are less competitive. See what others are doing. Get a link in with an http://www. address and put in a three paragraph description.

Tags are important and put tags in to quotes to make them phrases.

Annotations will enable you to link through to your website.

Make sure you create clear calls to action – have a plan for the end of the video. Give the viewer a reason to do something – create something compelling and ‘cool and amazing’.

Length of video is important – YouTube takes into account how long people watch your videos for.  So, make them surprising and well edited

YouTube Partner Programme has been opened up – anyone can be a partner. You can now upload your own thumbnail image and inset promo video.


Creating Videos For Recruitment Using Your Mobile Phone – Speaker Interview – Jules Watkins

At the Mobile Recruitment Conference on the 23rd October Jules Watkins will be speaking about Creating Videos For Recruitment Using Your Mobile Phone.

Jules is a former BBC, Channel 4 and MTV TV Producer/Director and has Produced, Directed and Filmed TV shows watched by millions including  ‘The Biggest Loser’, ‘Pimp My Ride’ and ‘The Business Inspector’. He now makes Videos for Businesses and teaches Business Owners how to make incredible Videos for their marketing efforts using their smartphones.

Video On Your Phone

A lot of the smartphones and tablet devices today contain a video camera. Some of them even have full HD recording features which means that you can create high quality video content to help market your jobs, your company and your brand.

A common challenge for companies is to create interesting content for their company website, blog etc. to help them stand out from the crowd. Whilst  a lot of companies have heard that online video is the way forward they there are unsure how to go about it or they feel it will be too expensive.

At the conference Jules will dispel both these myths with a practical demonstration of just how straight forward it can be to create your own videos, using  the mobile phone you already have!

Having video on your website can definitely give you a competitive advantage.

In the following video I recorded a telephone interview with Jules in which I asked him about his background and what he will be covering at the conference.

Online Training Course

Jules also offers an excellent online video training course.