1 in 5 Recruitment Searches Are Now Mobile

Last Friday I went to Google's offices in London to interview Emma Frazer, Head of Industry for Recruitment at Google UK. Emma will be speaking at the Mobile Recruitment Conference on the 23rd October in London. Anyone who knows me will appreciate … [Continue reading]

Introducing Mobile Recruitment At Krispy Kreme – Speaker Interview – Jodie Craig

Jodie Craig, HR Manager for Krispy Kreme UK,¬† will be speaking at the Mobile Recruitment Conference on the 23rd October 2012. Krispy Kreme recently introduced mobile as part of their recruitment strategy and in the video below Jodie talks about … [Continue reading]

Are You Turning Away Top Candidates Without Knowing?


You may not realise it but every day you could be turning away top candidates. As a result your key vacancies can remain unfilled. Why? Because you are making it difficult for people to view and apply for your jobs using a mobile … [Continue reading]

The UK’s Largest Mobile Recruitment Surveys – Speaker Interview – Dan Beynon – Educate

At the Mobile Recruitment Conference on the 23rd October Dan Beynon, Commercial Director at Educate, will present the findings and insights from the UK's largest Mobile Recruitment and Graduate Mobile Recruitment Surveys. The surveys were carried … [Continue reading]

Creating Videos For Recruitment Using Your Mobile Phone – Speaker Interview – Jules Watkins

At the Mobile Recruitment Conference on the 23rd October Jules Watkins will be speaking about¬†Creating Videos For Recruitment Using Your Mobile Phone. Jules is a former BBC, Channel 4 and MTV TV Producer/Director and has Produced, Directed and … [Continue reading]

94% of FTSE 100 Companies Fail To Offer A Mobile-Enabled Careers Section


I recently carried out a review of the FTSE 100 company websites which revealed that that 94% of companies failed to offer a mobile-enabled careers section to help candidates easily navigate and search for jobs. With some Recruiters now seeing 30% … [Continue reading]

How To Go Mobile In Recruitment – Speaker Interview – Darren Harris – aia worldwide

Darren Harris, Head of Digital Strategy at aia worldwide, will be speaking at the Mobile Recruitment Conference on the 23rd October 2012. In the following video Darren explains what he will be covering on the day: What you should be … [Continue reading]

Mobile Recruitment Traffic Accelerating Fast


There is a major shift going on right now in the world of mobile recruitment. The shift is being driven by the growth in smartphones and tablet devices, plus changes in job seekers browsing behaviour. Recruiters will therefore need to quickly adjust … [Continue reading]

Google and CB Mobile to Speak at the Mobile Recruitment Conference


The speaker programme for the Mobile Recruitment Conference in London on the 23rd October 2012 has now been confirmed. The Conference has been designed to help Recruiters, Recruitment Agencies, Recruitment Advertising Agencies and Job Boards … [Continue reading]

What Recruitment Can Learn From The BBC And The Mobile Olympics

mobile recruitment conference

The London 2012 Olympics have just finished and the BBC have just announced their coverage figures, calling it the first truly Digital Olympics. This is the first Olympic Games where every sport was available across a PC, Mobile, Tablet and Connected … [Continue reading]