Making Mobile Mandatory – Alex Kozloff – Head of Mobile – IAB

In the first of our pre-conference speaker interviews I went to the London office of the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) and met up with Alex Kozloff who is their Head of Mobile.

Alex has been with the IAB for three years and prior to that she worked for Orange.

Make Mobile Mandatory

The IAB’s mobile strap line is to “make mobile mandatory” and Alex’s role is to help educate brands and industries about getting involved with mobile.

When Alex first got involved with mobile,  smartphone penetration was only 7%. Today it accounts for 67%!

In this interview Alex offers some advice about taking your first steps with mobile and talks about the latest Digital Ad Spend survey where it shows that 10% of all digital ad spend is now allocated to mobile, with big increases expected in the future. Alex also highlights the fact that people are looking for products and services every single day using a mobile device and by not having a proper mobile presence you are offering a poor experience.

Alex is very knowledgeable when it comes to mobile and I am really looking forward to hearing her speak at the Mobile Recruitment Conference on the 11th July. To secure your ticket click here.

Mike Taylor

Mobile Recruitment Marketing With QR Codes & Location Based Services

Gordon Lokenberg, Recruiter & Founder of Lokenberg Recruitment Services, will be speaking at the Mobile Recruitment Conference on the 23rd October 2012.

Gordon will be speaking about the use of QR Codes and Location Based Services (e.g foursquare) and how to use them effectively in recruitment to target candidates.

In the telephone interview below Gordon explains how he got started with mobile recruitment and gives some ideas about what he will be covering at the conference.

How Use Mobile As An Employee Engagement Tool

Eric Offner, Managing Director of CB Mobile (Career Builder Mobile), will be flying into London from the US to speak at the Mobile Recruitment Conference on the 23rd October 2012.

Career Builder were one of the early adopters of mobile recruiting apps, having had a mobile app since 2008 (a year after the iPhone first launched). They now have a separate business (CB Mobile) which focuses on creating mobile recruiting apps and mobile websites for their clients.

In the telephone interview below Eric talks about how quickly mobile apps took off for Career Builder and how they are now introducing a new way of using mobile – as an employee engagement tool for their clients.

1 in 5 Recruitment Searches Are Now Mobile

Last Friday I went to Google’s offices in London to interview Emma Frazer, Head of Industry for Recruitment at Google UK. Emma will be speaking at the Mobile Recruitment Conference on the 23rd October in London.

Anyone who knows me will appreciate that since 2010 I have been saying that companies need to seriously look at having a mobile presence or risk losing candidates and damaging their brand and reputation. Well after speaking with Emma it is clear that mobile is still growing at a very fast rate!

Emma told me that mobile search (and that includes searching for a job) has increased 5 times in the last couple of years and that now 1 in 5 of all recruitment related searches are carried out on a mobile device.

If you already have a mobile-enabled website then the 1 in 5 figure is good news for you.  It shows that you took the right decision to invest in a mobile-enabled website to help visitors search and apply for jobs on their mobile.

However, if you don’t yet have a mobile-enabled website it means that you potentially turning away 20% of your website visitors, and that figure will only get bigger in the future!

In the video interview Emma also said:

  • 40% of mobile visitors who arrived on a non mobile-enabled website (and had a bad experience) said they would go to a competitor
  • There is a genuine “opportunity cost” for not being mobile-enabled
  • Companies need to measure and track their mobile visitors more accurately
  • You can target mobile users using mobile advertising 50% cheaper than desktop search advertising
  • Companies need to go mobile quickly,  even if it is a temporary solution

If you want to keep up to date with what is happening in the world of mobile recruitment then don’t miss the opportunity to hear Emma speak on the 23rd October. For ticket details click here.

Mike Taylor

Web Based Recruitment


Introducing Mobile Recruitment At Krispy Kreme – Speaker Interview – Jodie Craig

Jodie Craig, HR Manager for Krispy Kreme UK,  will be speaking at the Mobile Recruitment Conference on the 23rd October 2012.

Krispy Kreme recently introduced mobile as part of their recruitment strategy and in the video below Jodie talks about how Krispy Kreme:

  • Got started with mobile
  • How mobile integrates with their recruitment system
  • The lessons they learnt along the way
  • The feedback they have received from job seekers

Two years ago Krispy Kreme didn’t have an online recruitment system, and now they have a mobile-enabled website to help job seekers apply on the move.

The UK’s Largest Mobile Recruitment Surveys – Speaker Interview – Dan Beynon – Educate

At the Mobile Recruitment Conference on the 23rd October Dan Beynon, Commercial Director at Educate, will present the findings and insights from the UK’s largest Mobile Recruitment and Graduate Mobile Recruitment Surveys.

The surveys were carried out in conjunction with Everything Everywhere, the joint venture between Orange and T-Mobile.

In the first survey 30,000 people responded as to how much recruitment activity they carried out in relation to their mobile phone. In the mobile graduate recruitment survey 7,000 graduates responded as to what they would like to see in terms of functionality when using a mobile phone to apply for a graduate job.

In the video interview below with Dan I asked him about his background and to summarise what he will be covering at the conference.

Creating Videos For Recruitment Using Your Mobile Phone – Speaker Interview – Jules Watkins

At the Mobile Recruitment Conference on the 23rd October Jules Watkins will be speaking about Creating Videos For Recruitment Using Your Mobile Phone.

Jules is a former BBC, Channel 4 and MTV TV Producer/Director and has Produced, Directed and Filmed TV shows watched by millions including  ‘The Biggest Loser’, ‘Pimp My Ride’ and ‘The Business Inspector’. He now makes Videos for Businesses and teaches Business Owners how to make incredible Videos for their marketing efforts using their smartphones.

Video On Your Phone

A lot of the smartphones and tablet devices today contain a video camera. Some of them even have full HD recording features which means that you can create high quality video content to help market your jobs, your company and your brand.

A common challenge for companies is to create interesting content for their company website, blog etc. to help them stand out from the crowd. Whilst  a lot of companies have heard that online video is the way forward they there are unsure how to go about it or they feel it will be too expensive.

At the conference Jules will dispel both these myths with a practical demonstration of just how straight forward it can be to create your own videos, using  the mobile phone you already have!

Having video on your website can definitely give you a competitive advantage.

In the following video I recorded a telephone interview with Jules in which I asked him about his background and what he will be covering at the conference.

Online Training Course

Jules also offers an excellent online video training course.

How To Go Mobile In Recruitment – Speaker Interview – Darren Harris – aia worldwide

Darren Harris, Head of Digital Strategy at aia worldwide, will be speaking at the Mobile Recruitment Conference on the 23rd October 2012.

In the following video Darren explains what he will be covering on the day:

  • What you should be considering when looking to go mobile
  • The questions you should be considering from a mobile perspective
  • How to gather data to build a case for mobile
  • The key differences between a mobile-optimised website and a mobile-friendly website
  • Why you need a different approach for smartphones and mobile tablets
  • The issues around applying for a job via a mobile device

Are You Looking To “Go Mobile”?

If you are looking to introduce mobile recruitment into your company then Darren will be offering an excellent insight into things you need to consider to get started.