Mobile Recruitment At Jobsite

jobsiteThis session at the Mobile Recruitment Conference looked at the growth of mobile recruitment from a job board perspective.  The session was run by John Mills, Conversion Manager at Jobsite (part of Evenbase), and John gave an insight into what was happening at Jobsite in UK.

In terms of  Jobsite’s job seeker user behaviour:

  • 33% of Jobsite traffic is from a mobile device
  • 40% of mobile traffic is from iPhone
  • 30% of mobile traffic is from Android
  • 4% of mobile visits result in an application
  • Mobile applications account for 10% of all applications

Overall Jobsite’s mobile traffic has grown from 0.5% of total visits to 33% in just 4 years and as you would expect the traffic peaks during commuter times.

In terms of Jobsite app downloads there have been:

  • Over 578,000 iPhone app downloads
  • Over 57,000 Windows 7 app downloads
  • Over 77,000 Android app downloads


John pointed out that job seekers don’t care if your site is Responsive, HTML5 or powered by the most powerful computer in the world, they just care about achieving their goal on whichever device they are using.  However, a lot of websites (whether job boards, corporate careers sites or recruitment agency sites) still fail when it comes to job seekers searching and applying for jobs, because:

  • The websites they visit does not have a mobile site
  • The websites don’t consider the user or their device
  • The websites have technical limitations in that the user can’t upload a CV from a mobile device

In relation to uploading a CV from a mobile device Jobsite offers the user the opportunity to apply using their CV stored in the cloud. This can be achieved through Google Drive, GMail, SkyDrive, DropBox, Evernote and Box (plus the ability to enter in a specific website link ).

Mobile Apply

Moving forward, whether you are a job board like Jobsite or a corporate/agency recruiter, being able to apply for a job using a mobile device is going to be an essential feature that job seekers will be looking for.

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