Using Mobile As An Employee Engagement Tool

Live blog posts from the Mobile Recruitment Conference 2012.

Eric Offner at Career Builder Mobile has built over 100 mobile career sites. He says these are exciting times in HR as mobile is moving 10 times faster than the web grew.

The web is an information vending machine and now mobile links you to that and lightening fast. We all use mobile in different ways and that’s what is important when you talk about mobile.

Mobile provides hyperlocal and global opportunities – now in Linkedin, for example, you can see where in the world your connections are if you have their location switched on.

User experience is key. When TV first started we used it as radio and that is how we currently use mobile versus the web. We use it as little web, but it is so much more than that. We are now seeing case studies of success with mobile recruiting – Six Flags, UPS, Sodexo, Pepsico and so on.

By 2014 everyone will be comfortable recruiting in mobile, says Offner. The social proof will be there. Meanwhile we will see mobile recruiting 5.0 – cool tools and new start-ups in the market.

There will be an evolution of the mobile recruitment ecosystem. In this ecosystem, the mobile user experience will be critical. We will also use a lot of curated content. Content will be served up to mobiles based on who you are. Search will be less significant in recruitment 5.0.

What is slowing us down?

  • Process adoption
  • Security issues
  • Managing costs – how much to invest
  • Speed and performance -
  • Fragmented vendors – mobile ‘me too’

Cloud, social local is the big opportunity for HR.

So, what has all this got to do with engagement? Engaged employees are motivated, loyal and advocates for the business.

True engagement is about the employees and what they want and do day to day, not the organisation’s measurement of what it considers to be ‘engagement’.

Job factors, organisational factors and relationship factors could all be benefited by mobile. The issue is connecting people.

Native apps are the most secure answer says, Offner, who then went on to talk about his company’s app. Sharing everyday behaviours can build emotional ties. Dialogues start with the download of the app when new users add some basic info about who you are. Then you can find out who else is on the app. You can initiate in the app. All conversations are listed so you can connect freely and securely.

The activity feed shows all activities of you and colleagues. Stories emerge through chat and picture sharing, such as team pics, new offices and so on.The app is also great for watching and sharing videos. Also provided news channel relevant to user needs through aggregated feeds.

You are putting all the openings in the company online and available to show people you might be talking to – great tool for referrals.

The app should encompass the company brand and make people feel a part of the brand. But what else could it be?

Build in onboarding, wellness programmes, reward prgrammes, comms from senior execs (app personalises the experience). Great also for sharing successes.


  • Engagement is all about individuals and how they use mobile.
  • Know your audience – the future is mobile and it is now
  • Consider native apps for engagement

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