Panel debate at The Mobile Recruitment Conference 2012

Live blog posts from the Mobile Recruitment Conference 2012.

The day ended with a panel debate. The panel included . . .

Darren Harris, head of digital strategy, aia Worldwide
Jodie Craig, HR Manager, Krispy Kreme UK
Gordon Lokenberg, Recruiter
Eric Offner, MD, CareerBuilder

Time to hire indicators – how can they be improved by mobile?
EO: One company working for a for college 39 days to hire from 45 days in three months using mobile. Saw a huge amount of visitors to desktop via mobile site. Opportunity to decrease time to hire

How could mobile tools help the recruiter?
DH: Mobile allows recruiting managers to see applications at any stage at any time. Could lead to speedier turnaround of candidates
GL: More ATS’s moving to mobile. Also apps that connect to ATS and check applicants on your iPad.

Where do you see mobile going next?
JC: Engaging candidates in different ways,. Videos – using glossy and informal videos to engage. Also, I’d be keen to use a mobile to check applications.

How much are your clients using video?
DH: Our clients no longer use high quality video. Eg Microsoft intern sites – lower quality but authentic. Need to think about how long you would play a video for.

Are QR codes and augmented reality too far head for some?
GL: Creating something for mobile should not take too much effort. The big issue is making the step to go mobile.
DH: Augmented reality is being used in the graduate space. Be interesting to see how this will develop over the next year.
EO: Have an existing an offline strategy so that you can add in a QR code seamlessly to enhance the experience. Make sure the QR code send the user to a mobile site.

Does the panel have examples of an initiative that has impacted low mobile traffic?
GL: Mobile will show different times for mobile activity – will close a gap in traffic ie it will be coming through outside office hours.
DH: Look at bounce rates and length of time on site – can be enlightening to see how these factors could be improved.

And what are your tips for the next 12 months?
GL: Start doing mobile now.
JC: Give it a go and do it across all devices.
DH: Greater adoption of mobile technologies. Wise up to the opportunity of mobile
EO: Be a student of mobile. It is moving fast so don’t stop paying attention. Understand what the job seeker goes through on your mobile site.


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