How to Target Job Seekers through QR Codes, SMS and Location Based Services

Live blog posts from the Mobile Recruitment Conference 2012.

Recruiter Gordon Lokenberg is first up after lunch. He took delegates through a range of technologies to show the potential of what could be achieved through mobile.

Lokenberg’s message is that recruitment is marketing. It is all about branding. So, what do we want to do now? Well we could use QR codes but we could go further he says. You could use image recognition and augmented reality apps.

Distimo measure apps activity

But Google apps provides powerful metrics for mobile

Check how mobile your site is at:

For mobile, exactly what is an application? Is it a CV, a name and email address? On mobile, do not worry about CVs says Lokenberg. And 60% of social media is being consumed on mobile, so where do you need to be?

Talked about Sonos which was using its mobile site to sell product. Added a jobs button on the site, which took five minutes, says Lokenberg and then added a simple form for user details, which took a day to turn around. His point: it is simple to add a jobs tab to a mobile site.

He then talked about Skyhook which measures mobile signals. It measures when people are in certain locations. This data enables you to provide a virtual sandwich board to promote jobs.

Use Foursquare tips to tell people you have jobs nearby. It works, people apply says Lokenberg.

And don’t forget to use the technology to enable face to face meetings. Lokenberg said he turned up to a developer conference and just before lunch put a QR code above the ashtray outside. When developers came out he was scanning the QR and then stepped back. Curiosity got the better of the developers and they scanned the QR code, which told them there were jobs for them


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