How Krispy Kreme UK developed a mobile strategy in nine months

Live blog posts from the Mobile Recruitment Conference 2012.

So, post morning coffee break we move on to someone who has implemented a mobile recruitment strategy: Jodie Craig, HR Manager at Krispy Kreme.

‘I’m a tech novice and an HR generalist,’ says Craig. But she is going to explain how the company has moved from a paper-based to mobile recruitment strategy in 9 months.

Krispy Kreme UK makes 65m doughnuts each year and hires around 600 people. The company is growing rapidly.

In February this year the company had a paper-based recruitment process – ads in local paper and on Gumtree and paper or email job applications. So, needed an ATS and chose Amris which enabled the managers to own the process, which was important as it is a small HR team of four.

Krispy Kreme added in culture based screening through the ATS and created an HTML-based careers website with HirePad, mobile career site, Facebook job app and set up Google Analytics to measure activity.

The career site is optimised for tablets and mobiles and has simple content – only five pages. It has one content management system. And out of those five pages on the mobile career site, on average users visit 3.9 pages. So, focus on what the user want to do – search for jobs and apply.

The job basket on the mobile site has big buttons – for thumbs – and then you can continue process on desktop. The company also uses QR codes in shops so candidates can pick up on a job in the shop and apply on desktop at home.

They are tracking results. So far:

  • 150,000 have visited mobile careers site since March
  • Peak times are when open new stores
  • March to June 14% traffic came from mobile
  • July saw mobile traffic increase¬† to 19%
  • Sept – Oct 25% of traffic comes from mobile with minimal advertising
  • Most traffic comes direct and from careers site. Actively track mobule traffic and where it comes from so the company knows where to invest.
  • Also track devices – 40% come from iPhones- Apple is huge for Krispy Kreme

And here is the mobile activity:

  • 9.4% of all available jobs are viewed on mobile.
  • 10% of registrations come from mobile
  • 7.4% of applications dfrom mobile
  • 7.9% job aletrs through mobile
  • 8,2% jobs viewed on Facebook


Pre digital:

April 2012 – opened Cardiff store. 1,000 queued to get in new store versus 500 who queued for new ipad at Apple Cardiff store!

Telephone screened 400 people, had assessment centre and hired 25. Six-week process.


Gateshead store – now mobile. Put in cultural screening in ATS – look at values and behaviours. Looking to hire 90 people and received 850 applications. Lower number of applications but higher conversion rate of 10% – 17% of applicants looked at jobs on mobile. Whole process took four weeks.

Lessons learned so far – it has been only nine months

  • Choose substance over style on the website – do you need lots of content?
  • Bring internal and external stakeholders together to understand the common aim
  • Be realistic about the timescales – wanted to do this in three months but it took nine

Top tips

  1. Start with the end in mind – be clear what you want to measure
  2. Keep it simple and aligned
  3. Mobile is just a vehicle – you need to get people there. Be good at pointing people to mobile

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