1 in 5 Recruitment Searches Are Now Mobile

Last Friday I went to Google’s offices in London to interview Emma Frazer, Head of Industry for Recruitment at Google UK. Emma will be speaking at the Mobile Recruitment Conference on the 23rd October in London.

Anyone who knows me will appreciate that since 2010 I have been saying that companies need to seriously look at having a mobile presence or risk losing candidates and damaging their brand and reputation. Well after speaking with Emma it is clear that mobile is still growing at a very fast rate!

Emma told me that mobile search (and that includes searching for a job) has increased 5 times in the last couple of years and that now 1 in 5 of all recruitment related searches are carried out on a mobile device.

If you already have a mobile-enabled website then the 1 in 5 figure is good news for you.  It shows that you took the right decision to invest in a mobile-enabled website to help visitors search and apply for jobs on their mobile.

However, if you don’t yet have a mobile-enabled website it means that you potentially turning away 20% of your website visitors, and that figure will only get bigger in the future!

In the video interview Emma also said:

  • 40% of mobile visitors who arrived on a non mobile-enabled website (and had a bad experience) said they would go to a competitor
  • There is a genuine “opportunity cost” for not being mobile-enabled
  • Companies need to measure and track their mobile visitors more accurately
  • You can target mobile users using mobile advertising 50% cheaper than desktop search advertising
  • Companies need to go mobile quickly,  even if it is a temporary solution

If you want to keep up to date with what is happening in the world of mobile recruitment then don’t miss the opportunity to hear Emma speak on the 23rd October. For ticket details click here.

Mike Taylor

Web Based Recruitment



    Emma’s interview sounds really interesting, but the one thing that sticks in my mind is that 20% of candidates may be using mobile, which means 80% ARE NOT!
    So, let’s not start throwing the baby out with the bath water. Don’t get me wrong, the growth of mobile usage is compelling and should not be ignored. The argument is that currently a recruiter needs to prioritise that 80% for obvious reasons.
    I’m looking forward to the balloon debate at the Graduate Recruitment Social Media Conference – ‘This house believes if you are not doing mobile, you are not doing social media.’
    I am sure one of the reasons Google won their sector award at the Graduate Recruitment Social Media Awards (Best use of SoMe within graduate recruitment in the IT/Engineering/Construction Sector), was because of their mobile strategy, but it would have not been exclusively for this.
    In conclusion, I guess the argument is that though mobile is a significantly growing route to market. You can still have a successful campaign, using SoMe platforms while not incorporating mobile.

    • Hi Mike

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      You are right in that we shouldn’t ignore the 80%.

      What this interview was highlighting is that there is a definite move toward recruitment searches being made using a mobile device and therefore companies need to start taking mobile seriously.
      To my knowledge this is the first time that any data like this has been made available so at least we all have a base figure to work from.

      Good luck with your event in January, I am sure it will go well for you.



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