Mobile Recruitment Traffic Accelerating Fast

There is a major shift going on right now in the world of mobile recruitment. The shift is being driven by the growth in smartphones and tablet devices, plus changes in job seekers browsing behaviour. Recruiters will therefore need to quickly adjust their current recruitment strategy to incorporate mobile or risk losing candidates and future business.

Early Online Recruitment Growth

If you look at the early days of online recruitment (circa 1995) it started with online job boards advertising jobs from recruitment agencies (who made up the majority of their client base). Some 17 years later that business model hasn’t really changed, but the way that job seekers want to receive and view job information certainly has!

In a world that has gone mobile it is no longer acceptable for job seekers to be forced to view job information on a desktop or laptop. Today, job seekers want to be able to access job information, anytime, anyplace, anywhere and on any device that suits them.

Mobile Recruitment Growth

To see how quickly mobile recruitment is now growing here are some of the job board stats that have been made available in the last couple of weeks:

  •  Jobsite – 22% of total traffic is from a mobile device compared to 5.39% in August 2010
  • CV Library – Over the past three months CV-Library have recorded over 35,000 job applications purely from their iPhone, iPad and Android apps. During the last three months CV-Library has also received over 1.3 million visits from mobile devices equating to 17% of their total web traffic.
  • Oil and Gas Job Search – This niche job board saw a 139% increase in mobile traffic when comparing June 2011 with June 2012.

Future Mobile Growth

With 44% of European mobile subscribers already using a smartphones (Source: Nielsen) this figure will only increase in the future, meaning even more people will be looking for jobs using a mobile device.

If you want to maximise the reach of your jobs in the future then you need to make sure that your website and jobs information is mobile-optimised so it can be accessed via a smartphone and tablet device.

1995 All Over Again

Back in 1995 when the job boards first started and a lot of Recruiters were questioning “why do I need a website?”  In 2012 and beyond a lot of Recruiters will be questioning ”why do I need a mobile website?

How Do You Check Your Mobile Traffic Stats?

Your webmaster or IT department should be able to provide you with your own mobile traffic stats. If not, then if you look after the company website yourself, and you have Google Analytics installed, then if you login and go to the left hand menu you will see “Mobile” listed under the “Audience” section.

If you click on “Mobile” you will see a choice of “Overview” and “Devices”. If you then click on “Devices” you will see a list of the mobile devices that people are using to visit your site together with the visitor numbers as well.

Here are some example screenshots of the most useful areas  you can view:

Visitors By Operating System

Visitors By Mobile Device Info

 The Next Step

By collecting and analysing the data it will put you in a far better position to see the facts about your own website. Whilst you may not currently have as much mobile traffic as the above job board examples, with a combination of  more job seekers getting smartphones and tablet devices, and the introduction of 4G networks by the end of 2012, mobile recruitment traffic is set to accelerate even quicker in the future!

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